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The Digital You

Who are we?

Armsprime is a tech-based celebrity media house that aims to enable content creators to build a more personal relationship with their fans and followers. Our vision is to create a unique and personalized platform for creators that caters to and enriches the relationship with their audience. As a creator, think of us as your stage and the spotlight's on you... it showtime!

Why Armsprime?

We believe in a creator's ability to mesmerize. But creating content requires investment and monetizing it on any social media platform isn't an option... but with Armsprime, we give you the creative and financial freedom to do so. With no direct investment, create your own digital and social community!

Benefits of Armsprime

Content Monetization

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, valuate and price your content.

Optimize Content

Through AI assistance, learn what works for you and your followers.

Creative Control

Have complete authority and control over your content.

Analytical Approach

AI-backed analytics helps you understand the preference of your fans.

Who uses Armsprime?

Whatever be your profession or art, as a creator Armsprime is here to help you create and build your community. As a fan, look forward to building closer and richer relationships with your favourite celebrity or artist.

Content Creators

Creators from different categories, genres and backgrounds.


Musicians, Dancers, Singers whatever be your art, we create the platform for it.

Fans & Followers

Fans from across the globe can now access all your content in just one location.

How does it work?


As a creator, you know what best represents you. Be in-charge of the design and elements that will define your app. Create your story.


As enablers, we know just how to keep the traffic moving. Be it strategy, marketing or production insights, we’re here to promote your story.


Premium content comes with a price and fans, followers and supporters are aware and ready to pay for it.

Analyze and Improvise

Understand what works best for you by analyzing consumption patterns & traffic. Adapt accordingly to set the bar higher for yourself.

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